Follow this link to read the brief news release on the sale of Alyeska Resort to Pomeroy Investments of Canada. If you click down and read the Pomeroy website information it does sound as if they are a community oriented investor. This could be very good for Girdwood and Southcentral Alaska.

When I first heard the news I was curious what type of impact it might have on the local economy and real estate in particular since the announcement. In that short period of time since the announcement, both the Alyeska Highway vacant land listing and the studio condo in Timberline that our brokerage recently listed came on market and sold in 3 days with multiple offers. This would indicate to me that Buyers at least are feeling confident about the values of Girdwood real estate.

I am off to a slow start on my writing but have made a promise (or threat) in our last written quarterly newsletter, that I would do so at least several times a week. So if you want to keep up with what’s happening in Girdwood and Southcentral Alaska in real estate and my thoughts as a long time Alaskan and Realtor, you are in the right place. More to come of course…

Timberline 206 Interior