What determines market value on a home in Southcentral Alaska? There are a number of factors that determine what a home will sell for in the 2020 marketplace. First and foremost in determining value is having a trained real estate professional provide a Comparative Market Analysis. This involves taking somewhat similar homes that sold in the last 12 months thru the Alaska Multiple Listing Service, making adjustments for differences, and coming up with a projected fair market value on how much your home will sell for in the near future.

You might ask yourself whats to keep you from doing the same thing? Alaska is a non disclosure state, sold data isn’t published and is considered private. Even the Municipality of Anchorage Tax Assessed Value is not based on actual sold data. Unlike appraisers who just use the “12 month look back period” to assess value for the lender based on previous sales, real estate professionals also take a look at what the state of the current market is, what is currently on market, how quickly are homes selling, are their Seller concessions, multiple offers, lots of repairs going on, these types of issues are identified and quantified.

If you are curious what your house is worth give me a call. I have sold property all over the state but primarily focus on Anchorage and Girdwood and occasionally Eagle River. I can be reached at 907-227-4626 or at samdaniel@glaciercityrealty.com. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am going to be writing about the market and real estate on a more regular basis in 2020. It’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions! If yours is pondering what the future holds, then finding out what your property is worth is an important step in assessing your ability to make your dreams come true, and thats the part that I really enjoy. Helping dreams come true.