Real Estate is a technology based industry. If you can’t navigate the web, use social media, provide stunning online content, and stand on top of the highest tower shouting your own praises or having your clients do that, you can end up on the sidelines. I confess that most of our brokerages business is from repeat and referral business. Oh we do get folks that just ask around about who is a good local real estate professional in Girdwood or Anchorage and one of our names come up. Often its the newer licensees or the ones that are paying for leads from Zillow, Trulia, or to find new Buyers and Sellers. All of the above is just a fact of life.

Experience is important in our industry. Hell, it takes a good 2-3 years of working in a brokerage before you learn the ropes. Hopefully because you have a good mentor. Then it takes another few years to gather together a group of trusted professionals you can rely on that compliment your business. This means having a good working relationship with contractors, surveyors, home inspectors, engineers, and lenders, just for starters.

Acting as a Trusted Advisor. I believe that a real estate professionals role in any transaction is to be a trusted guide and advisor. We help Buyers and Sellers to navigate through what is a complex process that requires lots of decision making. We make recommendations based on the information at hand, pointing out the pros and cons of particularly courses of action, and then we work to execute the decisions made by our clients. Not to make decisions for them, or to steer them in any particular direction.

Compassion. People Buying and Selling real estate are usually in the midst of change in their lives. New jobs, additional children, death, divorce, retirement, you name it. It can all be stressful, even when its a really positive change. Having a realtor with experience and who has lived through some of these very same life changes is a benefit in my opinion. One that only comes with time and having a compassionate heart.

If you are looking for a Realtor you can trust, that will walk the path from start to finish with you, providing encouragement and managing expectations….we just might be a good fit for you.