The median price of a home in Girdwood increased from $379,500 in 2018 to $541,000 in 2019. An increase of 30%. Condos were up from $325,000 median sales price in 2018 to $377,500 in 2019, an increase of 19.5%. Wow! Thats huge in one year. The charts also illustrate the rate of appreciation over the past 9 years. Pretty impressive, showing Girdwood real estate is a sound financial investment with appreciation for outstripping most other investment strategies.

Small Sample – We average around 21-23 residential sales in Girdwood annually and around 25 or so condos each year. Its a small number. There isn’t a lot on the market and knowing what price is reasonable to pay and when properties are coming available is information that we can help you with.

The rate at which properties are appreciating will have to slow down sometime soon. We have seen big swings in the past but since 2014/15 the market has been on a steady rise.

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Alaska Median Sales Prices - Condominium Properties