Tip of the Glacier

Sam is the owner/broker of Glacier City Realty, Inc. He has lived in Alaska since he was 16 and loves the community of Girdwood. In this blog he regularly shares all of the latest Real Estate news from around the Turnagain arm area.
Sam in Utah on his motorcycle

I just finished up a week in Washington DC attending the National Association of Realtors (NAR) mid year legislative forum and technology expo. I have been to either six or seven conferences now as a member of the State of Alaska Mutiple Listing Service Board of Directors. Each time I come away with new energy and insights. The pace of change in our industry is coming faster and faster. Technology and big data are providing consumers and Realtors alike with access to a staggering amount of information. We are at the same time seeing renewed attention to the need to protect the individual privacy. In Europe this movement is strongest and it has already begun to take root in the United States. Consumers want the right to opt out of having their personal information collected. Soon (I think) you will see applications and website sporting a big red radio button asking you if you want to opt out of having your personal collected and used. You will probably even be able to ask websites to erase your personal data. Won’t that be something. In real estate we have to start thinking about that and how we will scrub data to insure that statistics do not include personal information. This is just one of the things I picked up at this conference. Plus I managed to connect with a lot of very interesting and engaging people. More in the shops, restaurants, and taxis than I actually did at the conference, but hey, that’s part of why its fun to travel to these things. DC is a mixing pot of so many cultures and people seem genuinely pleased to live there.

In just a few years DC has reinvented this Potomac River waterfront harbor complete with these amazing pier. Great restaurants, open air cafes, and locals out strolling on a warm spring evening. Gotta love it!

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