Change is everywhere! Real Estate is a tech driven industry and so we were perhaps lucky to be in a better position than most to meet the challenge created by the Covid-19 pandemic. National, state, and local real estate organizations as well as state and local government have provided realistic and attainable standards for us to operate under. Open Houses for now are Virtual Open Houses. Showings of unoccupied properties requires a very limited number of Buyers in the party, masks, and social distances as well as time between showings for the property. Occupied properties are handled on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances and preferences of the occupants (both Sellers and tenants). We are still showing most occupied homes with safeguards and guidelines to insure that both potential Buyers and Sellers as well as our Realtors are following safety practices. We will see more previewing via HD virtual tours and FaceTime or Zoom prior to actually showings of occupied properties.

Realtors are also high touch! At least figuratively. Our business is based on relationships, referrals, and performance. We are here to support our clients in these new and different times. Inventory is still very limited across the board compared to a year ago, both in Girdwood and Anchorage. Interest rates are exceptional and as we all know change drives real estate. For some this is an opportunity to quit renting and buy a home, for others a move to another location, and for some folks it’s time to slow down and downsize. All these things are happening still! Life goes on and real estate can and is being practiced, and yes, its’ still fun to watch folks eyes light up when they walk in to the right home and you can see that they are smiling (even under their masks).

The real estate industry is alive and doing well in Alaska! Opportunities abound and there are few better ways to practice social distancing than to walk thru your potential home in real time with family, partners, and your trusted real estate professional!